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Creating Added Value. Ultimately the value we deliver to the patients is the value we, in turn, create for our companyIntroduction


We recognize that our partners not only outsource their products but also customer care and satisfaction.

Sager Dental enjoys strong partnerships with global Dental firms
It is a welcomed responsibility that these partners put their trust and confidence in the ability of Sager Dental to represent and sell their products on an exclusive basis.
Sager Dental's partners include Curaden of Switzerland, Carilene of France and Italmed of Italy.
Our product portfolio focuses primarily on products for dental hygiene.

Our cooperations are exclusive distribution and /or licensing agreements.


We demand from ourselves and those who work with us the highest ethical and professional standards.

We aim to build a reputation for an exciting workplace and a motivating environment. The ability to excel requires that we attract and hold on to the most talented associates. Our management works hard to achieve an environment where people can succeed; recognizing and empowering individuality, authenticity with strong emphasis on team spirit.

Urgency and Focus

The commitment throughout the organization is to constantly focus on our customers and their changing needs and adapt.

We expect that our customers are demanding; they deserve to be.

The changing healthcare environment requires that we maintain flexible flat organizations adapting to the needs.

Sager Dental focuses primarily on dentists, Pharmacists and dental hygienists
A central management with administrative, HR, regulatory, logistics and business development functions supports this operational unit.

Our Future

We have the ultimate opportunity and responsibility to shape the destiny of Sager Dental - and there are no illusions of the task ahead.

It is our clear intention in the future to license-in our own brands that leverage existing customer relationships and core strengths. Regional presence of Sager Dental into neighboring Central European Markets is part of our 5-year aspiration plans. The Sager Dental team now represents the efforts of 10 associates. It is foreseen that this will increase in the next three years as we expand into new geographical territories and seek new partnerships.

We are proud and grateful of the testimonials we receive from our partners and customers. We recognize that these reflect our existing and past efforts, and tomorrow is a new day with new challenges. We must constantly challenge benchmark and exceed our existing standards.